Voltage Launched Surge Node Monitoring Tool

Surge helps node runners to get better insights into their nodes to discover problems, increase reliability, and optimize operations.

Voltage Launched Surge Node Monitoring Tool
  • "So excited to finally get this out of private beta. Starting today, you'll be able to see your node like never before. This is a tool that's going to streamline node operations and solve a lot of pain node runners experience today. And there's still so much more to build," said Voltage's founder and CEO Graham Krizek.
  • "Surge can help you make decisions regarding your node’s performance quickly and efficiently. The data presented is easily understood and actionable, which saves the node manager time and effort in trying to filter and understand node data," states the Surge FAQ section.
"Surge works by getting your node's information using a Voltage developed communication program called the Agent. The Agent is a continuously running program that communicates with your node via a read only macaroon. The Agent collects various node data and metrics. Voltage then processes this data and presents it to you through the Surge dashboard."
  • "Surge separates observability from actions, empowering support agents, accountants, and stakeholders with read-only access to node performance data."
"Installing Surge takes about 1 minute so go give it a try, we think you'll really like it. Send us feedback on what's missing and what you think. Today it's for Voltage nodes, but if you have a node outside of Voltage ping me and we can set you up," Krizek added.
  • "The cost of Surge will be based on the activity of your node and the amount of data being processed. For example, a node with many channels and lots of activity will be charged more than a node with a few channels being used in a crowdfund or small business."
  • Surge cost per agent is $10 per month - it includes 15,000,000 compute units per month. Nodes that surpass 15,000,000 compute units per month will be charged additional $0.000001 per compute unit over 15,000,000.
  • "The $10 of free credit applied on sign up can be used on Surge Compute Units as well as Nodes," states the Surge documentation section.

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