Validating Lightning Signer v0.11.0: Tag-team Signing Support & Dockerized VLS

VLS separates Lightning private keys and security rule validation from the Bitcoin Lightning node to a separate, secure signing device.

Validating Lightning Signer v0.11.0: Tag-team Signing Support & Dockerized VLS
  • "We're thrilled to announce a fresh VLS release "Auspicious Anubis", which introduces support for tag team signing to VLS. We invite Lightning developers and companies to try it out and provide feedback that will shape future VLS releases."
"With another release under our belts, we now shift our attention to the next step of our roadmap, adding more features to our beta release: Splicing and dual funding support."

What's new

  • Tag team signing, aka multi-signer, support (not multi-sig). "Tag team signing is an innovative feature enabling multiple signing devices to authorize transactions for the same Lightning node. It's a game-changer for both individual users and businesses."
    • "Multiple signers, each with a full set of the same private keys are available. They can be configured to enforce different policies and have different availability, but only one is needed at a time to sign. There is no need for a quorum."
    • Learn more about tag-team signing here.
  • Dockerized VLS (vlsd, cln/ldk, txood, lssd, bitcoind). "Our intended audience for VLS on Docker is Bitcoin Lightning developers who are interested in integrating VLS into their product. This is not intended to be production ready."
    • Learn more about running VLS in Docker here.
  • Latency & memory usage measurement & fine tuning.

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