Utreexod Beta Is Now Available for General Public Testing

utreexod is a full node bitcoin implementation with support for utreexo accumulators. It enables immediate node bootstrap by having the UTXO state hardcoded into the codebase, uses a tiny amount of memory, and has a low disk i/o.

Utreexod Beta Is Now Available for General Public Testing
Source: BitMEX blog.
  • "Utreexod, a full node implementation with Utreexo accumulator support, is now available for general testing by the public," announced Calvin Kim to the Bitcoin Dev mailing list.
"It’s important to note that the code and protocol is not peer reviewed. Using the node for production usage or for non-negligible amounts of Bitcoin is not recommended. There will also be breaking changes requiring frequent updates as well. Utreexod is also based off of btcd, a bitcoin node implementation in Go. Because of this, there may be consensus incompatibilities either as a result of a btcd bug or a Bitcoin Core bug."
  • "Also note that there are not many Utreexo nodes on the network. It may take a
    while for the node to find a Utreexo node it can sync off of. To help bootstrap
    the network, consider running an archival node or a bridge node," said the developer.
"Huge thanks to HRF for funding my work for this release. Without the support I wouldn’t have been able to focus on Utreexo," he added.

Key features

  • Implementation of efficient Utreexo accumulators with an improved deletionn algorithm from the Utreexo paper.
  • Efficient P2P transaction relay with support for caching utreexo proofs for mempool transactions.
  • Quick sync to the tip of the blockchain with AssumeUtreexo.
  • Built in wallet support (with BDK wallet).
  • Electrum personal server support for usage with other wallets.

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