Unleashed.Chat: Uncensored AI Models with Live Nostr Data

Unleashed.chat provides access and interface for working with uncensored and private FOSS AI models that can be paid with sats.

Unleashed.Chat: Uncensored AI Models with Live Nostr Data
  • "Some might have seen me tweeting about AI more. That's because I have a new project! Try http://Unleashed.chat," announced @NVK.
"The user base has doubled the last two weeks. This is an extremely wide field, we want users to help dictate our priorities. Start using and let us know what else we can build."


  • Bitcoin native: pay in sats-for-cycles, accepts both Lightning and on-chain payments.
  • Multiple FOSS models to choose from;
  • Upload and vectorize your data for context embedding (Text/pdf/etc...) 100mb files at a time;
  • No KYC, Privacy and uncensored: chat history is stored in your browser only.
  • All of Nostr vs Mixtral, live data! Like Grok vs X.

Coming soon

  • API access & DVM tools;
  • More context embedding tools and even bigger limits;
  • CSV and other normalized data embedding.

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