UmbrelOS v1.0: New UI, Architectural Overhaul, Search & More

umbrelOS v1.0 is a ground-up rebuild of Umbrel home server OS that brings a completely revamped architecture, a brand new interface, and new features. It is out now for Raspberry Pi 4, Pi 5 and Umbrel Home.

UmbrelOS v1.0: New UI, Architectural Overhaul, Search & More
  • "Run your own home cloud, Bitcoin node, media server, VPN, and more. Ditch the cloud. Self-host everything. And now do all that in an environment that's more stunning and performant than ever," announced Umbrel.

Update instructions

  • Raspberry Pi users: Please follow the instructions at to update to umbrelOS 1.0.
  • Umbrel Home users: You're ready to update now from your Umbrel's UI.
  • Linux users: Your update is on the horizon and will be available in April 2024.

What's new

  • New UI. "A visually stunning environment with seamless navigation, intuitive interactions, and a home screen you can personalize with widgets."
  • Search (⌘K / Ctrl + K). "Instantly find system settings, apps, or initiate actions with a simple keyboard shortcut."
  • Quick Actions. "Interact with apps and system settings faster than ever with right-click shortcuts."
  • Architectural Overhaul. "Re-engineered system for better stability, speed, and simplicity. umbrelOS 1.0 now sends device type information during the update check to ensure customized updates for different device types."
  • Live Usage. "Stay informed with live updates on your device's storage, memory, and CPU usage."
  • Multilingual Support. "Choose from 8 different system languages."

Full changelog: v0.5.4...v1.0.0.

You can read more about the v1.0 update in the initial announcement here.

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