Justin Sun Sets Eyes on Shitcoins on Bitcoin, Announces 'Layer 2 Bitcoin Solution'

"This innovative approach aims to decentralize and intertwine various token types within the TRON network, including stablecoins, with the Bitcoin network and its constructed Layer 2s, like the Bitcoin Ordinals, in numerous combinatory ways," announced Tron's Justin Sun.

Justin Sun Sets Eyes on Shitcoins on Bitcoin, Announces 'Layer 2 Bitcoin Solution'
  • "Today is a significant day for TRON. Let's make Bitcoin fun again! As the protocol behind the world's largest stablecoin market, boasting $55 billion, and the decentralized finance Total Value Locked (TVL) of $22 billion, TRON is set to unveil its groundbreaking Bitcoin Layer 2 solution," announced Justin Sun on X.
"This integration will not only link TRON directly with Bitcoin but also facilitate access to over $55 billion in value to the Bitcoin network, thereby injecting financial vitality into Bitcoin. Let's make Bitcoin fun again!"
  • Sun also outlined 3-stage roadmap for the solution, more details can be found here.
"The future will see an expansion of Bitcoin network-based assets being bridged to TRON. Efforts will be made to integrate various TRON tokens, including USDT, TRX, BTT, JST, SUN, NFT, WIN, and USDC, into the Bitcoin network via cross-chain technology. This will enable TRON's tokens to interact and interoperate with the Bitcoin network seamlessly."
  • "TRON will collaborate with multiple Bitcoin Layer 2 protocols, gradually announcing significant partnerships. These collaborations will allow TRON users to participate in restaking initiatives across major Bitcoin Layer 2 networks, supporting the growth of the Bitcoin Layer 2 ecosystem with TRON's diverse asset portfolio."
  • "Plans are the investment for a user-friendly wallet and tools to support BRC-20 tokens, signifying TRON DAO's venture into Ordinals and Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions," added Sun in the announcement.

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