Torq v1.3.0: Refined Dashboard, Advanced Workflow Channel Filters & More

Torq is an advanced node management software that helps large lightning node operators analyze and automate their nodes.

Torq v1.3.0: Refined Dashboard, Advanced Workflow Channel Filters & More
  • Note: This release (v1.3.0) contains data migrations and you cannot rollback to a previous version.

Earlier release (v1.2.0) included the following updates:

  • A refined dashboard.
  • Advanced workflow channel filters.
  • CLN pagination support, and more.

What's new in v1.3.0

  • CLN:
    1. Rabalancer (limited support due to ElementsProject/lightning#6641)
    2. Payment choosing a certain outbound channel
    3. Support for move funds
  • LND:
    1. On-chain transaction fixes
  • Front-end:
    1. Filtering logic for dates
    2. Improve performance of workflow logs page
  • Workflows:
    1. Webhook support (with templating in body and URL) in workflows (HTTP GET/POST)
    2. Fix rapid fire rebalancing

What's new in v1.2.0

  • Improved Dashboard layout
  • Extra workflow channel filter options based on last activity timestamp (Balance Change, Payment, Invoice, Forward)
    • Some of these fields only works for LND for now
  • Support for CLN pagination.
    • NB! This release requires CLN v23.08 or above.
    • All invoices will be re-downloaded into Torq on first start after upgrade.
  • Added Customer ID to torq Checkout page
  • Workflow Logs Layout fixes and improvements
  • Search on Open, Closed and Pending Channels is now looking for channel ids and pub keys as well as Peer Alias.
  • Improvements to Torq settings page
  • Uses Scaling Lightning
  • Fixes for close channel workflow notifications
  • Aliases are now still obtained when new channel are pending
  • Fixes column ordering on channels pages

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