Torq v0.20.0: Back-end Optimizations

Torq is a node management software for handling and automating large nodes.

Torq v0.20.0: Back-end Optimizations

This version is a large update to Torq but mostly behind the screen!

New Main Features

  • New Peers page
  • Basic Slack and Telegram integrations
  • Embedded binaries
  • Workflow logs automatic cleanup (we keep 7 days to limit database bloat)
  • Invoice deduplication
  • Workflow node deletion performance fix
  • Removed faulty dependency that caused excessive CPU usage

Also includes HUGE amounts of back-end optimizations!


  • Be aware that the database migration can take a while if you are a heavy user of workflows.
  • Invoices will be downloaded again to prevent duplication so be aware that they will not be available instantly but have to be downloaded.

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