Tor Browser v12.5: Improved User Experience

Tor Browser v12.5 includes updates to circuit display, new onion site icons, improved connection experience, accessibility improvements, Finnish language, and many other improvements.

Tor Browser v12.5: Improved User Experience

What's new

  • Updated circuit display. "In Tor Browser for desktop, the Tor circuit for each of your tabs can be found in the circuit display. Relays now have flags to help make their locations easier to identify at a glance; the design of onion site circuits has been made more concise; SecureDrop users who visit a human-readable onion name can now see and switch back to the underlying V3 onion address; and the panel as a whole has been rebuilt from scratch for better compatibility with screen readers."
  • New onion site icons. "Today, in addition to Tor Browser, you can also access onion services in compatible apps like Orbot, Onion Browser and Brave, to name a few. Given that, it no longer makes sense to continue to represent onion sites with an icon so closely associated with Tor Browser, and we're excited to introduce their new identity today."
  • Improved connection experience. "We've made the Connect button accessible in the address bar of any page you visit while offline, and Tor Browser will connect automatically after you've configured a bridge in Connection settings. We've also improved the visibility of the browser's connection status, which can now be found in the top-right of the browser window, and you'll notice a new connection icon appear throughout the browser too."
  • Better accessibility. "Since Tor Browser 11.5 we've refactored several components including bundled changelogs (about:tbupdate), the circuit display, the security level panel, miscellaneous dialogs and other parts of the browser chrome."
  • Finnish language support. "We're delighted to include Finnish (Suomi) as a language option on both desktop and Android too."

Click here to see full changelog since Tor Browser v12.0.7.

  • "If you find a bug or have a suggestion for how we could improve this release, please let us know. Thanks to all of the teams across Tor, and the many volunteers, who contributed to this release."

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