THNDR Launches Clinch: Non-Custodial P2P Wagering App + API

"THNDR has unveiled its latest innovation, Clinch — an API designed to enable instantaneous, borderless, low-fee, peer-to-peer wagering using the Bitcoin Lightning Network," reported Bitcoin Magazine.

THNDR Launches Clinch: Non-Custodial P2P Wagering App + API
  • "The API opens up possibilities for partners, including online casinos, sportsbooks, and competitive gaming platforms, to integrate high-frequency, global wagering without the limitations, high fees, and sluggish processing associated with traditional gaming providers."
  • "It also serves as a monetization tool for game developers and other businesses navigating the ever-changing policies of app stores and development platforms."
  • "Clinch not only meets the needs of users, it is a gamechanger for game developers and studios as well. They can now offer this style of highly monetizable gameplay to a global set of users rather than only within their fiat jurisdictions," wrote THNDR in a blog post.
  • "Also, they never need to touch customer funds, saving the headache and costs associated with MTLs or working with a third-party provider."
"To establish a wager between two players, we set up two payments that pass through our node, representing the two potential outcomes of the bet. While both participants make payments to their counterpart, the transaction isn't finalized until the match concludes."
  • "Given that we understand the context of the payment, we have the capability to withhold a payment until certain conditions are met or even to revoke the payment if necessary. When the winner is established, the Clinch platform will cancel the winner's payment because it is not needed, and settle the payment from the loser to the winner. We (or our partners) create a delta between both payments to take a fee on the settlement of the transaction."
  • "To demonstrate the power of Clinch, we’ve integrated it into our cult-classic, Club Bitcoin: Solitaire. It’s available to play now on desktop. You just need the password. And since you’ve made it this far, here it is: CL!nCh3d. Just visit"
  • "Please test it out and feel free to get a little *degen* with it. Hop into our Discord or Telegram to share your feedback. We want to hear everything that you love, hate, and super hate."

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