TBD Unveils Tech Preview of tbDEX Open Source Liquidity Protocol

TBD unveiled a technical preview of tbDEX: an open source liquidity and trust protocol to unlock frictionless commerce and financial access globally.

TBD Unveils Tech Preview of tbDEX Open Source Liquidity Protocol
  • "At its core, the tbDEX protocol facilitates the formation of mutual trust between counterparties on an open and permissionless network. It also enables counterparties to negotiate requirements to enable compliant transactions."
  • "Yellow Card becomes the first Participating Financial Institution (PFI) on tbDEX that offers liquidity across 20 African countries."
  • "Yellow Card's integration with tbDEX heralds a big shift for Africa, unlocking Bitcoin-to-fiat off-ramps across 20 African nations. Users in these countries will have the ability to receive Bitcoin or stablecoin payments directly in their local currencies, withdrawable through bank accounts, P2P payment apps, or mobile money providers," wrote Bitcoin Magazine.
“tbDEX bridges the gap between the old and the new – enabling anyone to benefit from decentralized payment systems and digital assets, with easy on- and off-ramps to legacy payment systems and fiat currencies. For developers, adopting the tbDEX protocol unlocks global liquidity for their customers, while avoiding the complexity associated with bespoke API integrations with each and every provider,” said Emily Chiu, COO of TBD.
  • "Any potential participants who would like to learn more about tbDEX can download the whitepaper and connect with the TBD team by emailing partnerships@tbd.email."
  • "TBD also launched tbDEX’s first set of SDKs on Typescript and Kotlin / Java. These SDKs make it easy for participants to create and manage their identifiers, issue and accept VCs, negotiate bids and asks, and engage in the protocol."
  • "In 2024 TBD plans to release additional SDKs across platforms, including SWIFT and Android. To learn more and start developing with tbDEX SDKs, please visit developer.tbd.website."

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