Taproot Assets v0.2.2-alpha Released

The Taproot Assets Daemon tapd implements the Taproot Assets Protocol for issuing assets on the Bitcoin blockchain. Multiple assets can be created and transferred in a single bitcoin UTXO, while witness data is transacted and stored off-chain.

Taproot Assets v0.2.2-alpha Released
  • "There was no v0.2.1-alpha release, due to a build issue we had to skip that version and go directly to v0.2.2-alpha."

Release notes

  • cmd/tapcli: use proper default tapd directory by @Roasbeef in #281
  • Add Signet support by @sputn1ck in #284
  • getinfo rpc request by @amovfx in #220
  • multi: expose FetchAssetMeta on the cli by @Roasbeef in #280
  • build: add prod docker file for official builds by @Roasbeef in #310
  • itest: support multiple proof courier service types by @ffranr in #279
  • commitment: add asset type field to asset commitment structure by @ffranr in #278
  • tapcfg: update default testnet universe port by @guggero in #316
  • Use hex encoding for raw bytes in REST API by @guggero in #286
  • multi: replace deprecated uses of "io/ioutil" with "os" by @ben2077 in #321
  • BIP: re-add submodule for BIPs, remove local copy from docs folder by @guggero in #318
  • caretaker: make batch state atomic by @jharveyb in #323
  • mint: fix REST encoding of mint RPC by @guggero in #319
  • tapdb: properly set max connections for postgres by @Roasbeef in #336
  • universe: fix potential loop scoping bugs, add additional debug logging by @Roasbeef in #338
  • tapdb: use the serializable isolation by default for postgres by @Roasbeef in #334
  • address+tapdb: rename field: Tap.Version -> Tap.AssetVersion by @ffranr in #342
  • taprpc: remove js build tag for taprpc, assetwalletrpc & universerpc by @ViktorTigerstrom in #349
  • tapdb/universe: fix universe event logging for grouped assets by @Roasbeef in #348
  • tapfreighter: resume pending parcels using the main porter goroutine by @ffranr in #358
  • cmd/tapcli: add asset ownership proof sub commands by @guggero in #359
  • universe: RPC fixes by @jharveyb in #328
  • itest: basic send test re-uses the same recv address for multiple sends by @ffranr in #351
  • itest: resume pending package send by @ffranr in #365
  • Fix universe sync test by @guggero in #366
  • itest: fix for-loop indexing by @ffranr in #371
  • Asset metadata overwrite fix by @guggero in #370
  • rpc+tapcli: Implement method to decode proofs into human-readable format by @habibitcoin in #181
  • WIP: Universe root deletion RPC by @jharveyb in #335
  • itest: add optional 10k asset test by @jharveyb in #325
  • tapcfg: ensure log rotator created after config validation by @Roasbeef in #369
  • universe: add server info RPC, check we're not connecting to ourselves by @guggero in #364
  • version: bump version to v0.2.1-alpha by @jharveyb in #373
  • multi: fix aperture config + bump golang version by @jharveyb in #375
  • Fix multiple small issues with release, prepare for 0.2.2-alpha by @guggero in #378

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