Tails v6.1: Updates and Fixes

Tails is a portable operating system that protects against surveillance and censorship.

Tails v6.1: Updates and Fixes
  • "Tails 6.1 is out. It fixes many problems and security vulnerabilities," announced the project.

What's new

Changes and updates

  • Update Tor Browser to 13.0.13. This includes the changes brought by 13.0.12.
  • Update Thunderbird to 115.9.0.

Fixed problems

  • Fix Onion Circuits. #20233
  • Fix Welcome Screen frequently showing a "Welcome to Tails!" is not responding error. #20236
  • Fix Videos showing an error message during playback. #20243
  • Fix problems with changing the passphrase of the Persistent Storage. #20217
  • Tails Cloner can now install and upgrade to devices with multiple mounted partitions. #20149
  • The Persistent Storage settings now display all enabled custom Persistent Storage features. #19267
  • Mitigate the RFDS Intel CPU vulnerabilities. #20274

For more details, read our changelog.

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