Swiss Bitcoin Pay App v2.0.0: Open-Source Code & Other Improvements

Swiss Bitcoin Pay is an open-source, no-KYC, Swiss-based Bitcoin payments processor designed for making it easy to accept Bitcoin at your business. Available on the web, Android, and iOS.

Swiss Bitcoin Pay App v2.0.0: Open-Source Code & Other Improvements
  • Swiss Bitcoin Pay app introduced v2.0.0 of its app. It is now open-source, comes with web support (PWA), an in-app self-custodial wallet, and more.

What's new

  • Open-source. "Our app's code is now publicly available on GitHub. You are free to fork it, adapt it, use it for your own project without any permission."
    • "We welcome any Pull Requests, to help make the best experience possible for merchants."
  • Web support (Progressive Web App). "Our app is now fully cross platform between iOS/Android/Web. This mean we have the same codebase for all apps and web. It means that merchants can now have a fully-featured Lightning Point-of-Sale terminal on their desktop."
  • In-app self-custodial wallet. "When you register, there is now an option to create a self-custodial wallet in-app, using the most secure libraries and hardware pieces available on your device. Your seed phrase is encrypted, stored locally on your device and is never sent to our server."
    • "You'll have access to your Onchain balance, and on-chain unused receiving addresses directly in-app (sending soon)."
  • Seamless ownership signature (likely related to Swiss AOPP compliance). "When creating your account with the in-app self-custodial wallet, the ownership signature that we require (for legal reasons) is automatically done and sent to our servers in the background."
  • Ability to split payouts to receive a % in bitcoin / % in fiat. "Merchants now have the ability to split their payout and keep a part of their payments in Bitcoin, and auto-sell the rest in fiat. Additionally, there is no more volatility risk as your sats are sold instantly."
    • "This is all made possible by our new partner @mtpelerin."
  • 9 new fiat conversion currencies. "These currencies are now available for fiat payouts, in addition to EUR & CHF: DKK, HKD, JPY, NOK, NZD, SEK, SGD, USD, ZAR."
  • Direct connect via Email/Password. "Connect directly in-app with your classic email/password credentials. You'll then be logged with the "Admin" role with additional features."
  • Change account settings (Name, currency, Onchain on/off, payout config ...). "If you're logged with the "Admin" role, you can now edit your account's settings directly in-app."
  • Admin user can see all employee's invoices status. "If you're logged with the "Admin" role, you can also see in real-time all of your employees invoices in the History screen."
  • The device name automatically filled. "Your employees don't have to manually write their name anymore. It will automatically takes the device's name/model/browser by default."
  • New languages. " Thanks to Daniel for Deutsch translation, @botarellif for Italian translation, @cobraenbitcoin for Spanish translation, and for Portuguese translation.
  • SSL certificate pinning for increased security. "To prevent some specific advanced network attacks, the SSL certificate is now pinned in the app."
  • Logout button and contact support in-app. "Frequently asked, there is now an easy accessible logout button in-app, in addition to a direct access to our support email."

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