Superposition and Note Duel: DLC Experiments on Nostr

"I'd like to introduce you to Superposition and Note-Duel, two new experiments we've built with DLCs," wrote @benthecarman on Mutiny blog.

Superposition and Note Duel: DLC Experiments on Nostr
  • "Superposition is a DLC oracle app where you can create and attest to events. The events you create, and your signed attestations, are all published to nostr, where it's easy to discover and use these attestations."
  • "Note Duel lets you wager a nostr "note" on the outcome of a Superposition."
  • "To create a new duel you pick an existing Superposition, enter your opponent's nostr pubkey, choose your favored outcome, and write in a "winning note" and a "losing note". The winning note will be automatically published as a note from the winner's profile, and the losing note will be published as a note from the loser's profile."
"The next evolution will be to use Fedimint for DLCs to enable smaller, and even more private bets. With on-chain bets, you are inherently revealing your UTXOs to your counterparty, and they can follow them before and after the contract. With Fedimints everything is done with ecash, so you get all of the privacy benefits of ecash: no tracking of the funds before or after the contract."

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