Stratum v2 Reference Implementation (SRI) Roadmap Announced

Developers shared the Stratum Reference Implementation roadmap providing insights into ongoing work and the project's direction. They also published the latest progress on Stratum v2 protocol specifications.

Stratum v2 Reference Implementation (SRI) Roadmap Announced
  • Since the inception, Stratum v2 specs have undergone several updates to enhance security, performance, flexibility, and simplicity.
  • "The main goal is to stabilize the specification, formalize the proposal procedures, and make them accessible to anyone interested in improving the Stratum v2."

The table summarizes the changelog of notable specs updates:

Notable updateLink to a pull request
Noise handshake improvement#2(opens new window)
Using Bitcoin core cryptographic primitives#10(opens new window)
Replace future_job with min_ntime#12(opens new window)
Message framework improvement#40(opens new window)
Rename Job Negotiator to Job Declarator#43

Thus far, there have been two adoption paths for the Stratum v2 protocol:

  • Stratum v2 implementation by Braiins
  • SRI (Stratum v2 Reference implementation)

The remaining of the article will focus on the reference implementation, SRI, exploring its current status and future direction.

Stratum Reference Implementation Roadmap

  • "In October 2022, we launched our SRI’s first update, which allowed miners to run Stratum v1 firmware and connect to an SV2 compatible pool. Few months afterwards, a new update allowed miners to select transactions, democratizing block selection."
  • "Currently we’re working on our third major update, below is an overview on what to expect in the future. The third update represents our “Now” column on our roadmap, and aims to be completed in the next few months."
  • "Our always evolving roadmap is available on Miro, and also on GitHub for anyone to review and provide feedback. If you’re interested in joining our contributors team, hop on to Discord."

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