Stratum V2 Reference Implementation (SRI) v1.0.1: Patch Release

Stratum V2 is a next-generation bitcoin mining protocol designed to enhance the efficiency, security, flexibility and decentralization. SRI is fully open-source, community-developed, independent of any single entity, aiming to be fully compatible with Stratum V2 Specification.

Stratum V2 Reference Implementation (SRI) v1.0.1: Patch Release
  • "New patch version is out and ready for immediate testing. Give it a try and let us know how it works or you," announced the project.

What's new

  • Specify version on filenames inside Release Bin CI #939
  • Update Cargo.lock files with version updates #933
  • print version changes on #929
  • bump crate versions for release #930
  • bump codec sv2 version #927
  • adjust #924
  • patch #926
  • Better management of LastDeclareJobs - no more wrong fallback-system activations #904
  • Every MG test in a separate action#905
  • bump framing_sv2 version #913
  • Discard old ProvideMissingTransactionsSuccess messages in JDS #900
  • Fix cpu miner panic when not header #908
  • add tproxy-config-hosted-pool-example.toml (dev branch) #875
  • better import for libsecp256k1 #894
  • docs framing_sv2  #848
  • Run benchmarks on dev PRs #898
  • Fix sv2 cpu miner hash rate calculation #866
  • fix deprecation notice #879
  • JD Client README file retouched #800
  • modified the README in roles/pool dir #802
  • Translators readme #805
  • Improve cpu miner #887

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