Spring Browser v0.3.0: nsecBunker Support

Spring is a nostr browser that lets its users to browse and interact with the nostr protocol and its micro app ecosystem.

Spring Browser v0.3.0: nsecBunker Support
  • "Spring browser v.0.3.0 adds NsecBunker support."
  • "With Spring, you can use NsecBunker with any Nostr app, even when it's not supported by the app itself. Just add your nsecBunker token to Spring and "Login with extension" will be bridged to nsecBunker from apps opened inside Spring," said @brugeman.

What's changed


  • NsecBunker support
  • Signed event history
  • Pinned app settings on long-tap, delete pin button
  • Clicks on lightning: links sends from current wallet
  • Select/copy of LN invoice shows 'Pay invoice' action in context menu
  • Add 'Open in system browser' action
  • Add content feed settings
  • Add browser tab GC to constrain resources occupied by active tabs
  • Show npub and key type on profile screen
  • Add 'View replies' action via replies.nostrapps.org


  • Bootstrap logic that caused duplication of pinned apps
  • Slow swiper for homepage content feeds
  • Back button inside tab returns to last active page
  • Hanging relay connection by checking conns on resume

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