Spring Browser v0.6.0: Payments History, UX Improvements

Spring is a nostr browser that lets its users to browse and interact with the nostr protocol and its micro app ecosystem. Available on Android.

Spring Browser v0.6.0: Payments History, UX Improvements
  • "Great UX improvements in the Spring browser, v.0.6.0," announced @brugeman.
  • Now you know whom you zapped in the payment history screen.
  • It's also easier to switch between your keys and accounts.
  • Added nice fast suggestions in search.
  • And now new users have much more apps pinned on homescreen by default.

What's new in v0.6.0

  • A new dropdown in Search with apps, tabs and contact list
  • Search suggestions and auto-fill from recent queries
  • Zap recipients are now visible in payment history screen
  • More default pinned apps on new profile's homescreen
  • Faster switching between keys
  • Add review button in apps' context menu
  • Fix paying of LN invoices copied to clipboard
  • Fix relay reconnect logic, should no longer get stuck after app resume
  • Fix no longer attaching apps w/ github.com link to all github tabs
  • Fix crash on invoices w/ empty description_hash
  • Fix showing contacts from previous key after key switch

What's new in v0.5.0

  • Add payment history screen;
  • Add weekly feedback request, sent as structured Nostr DM;
  • Add app logs at About screen;
  • Add skeletons to contact list feed;
  • Add bookmark lists and profile lists to Bookmarks page;
  • Open with Native app now doesn't require fetching from network;
  • Fix broken encrypt/decrypt with nsecBunker (DMs);
  • Hiding a tab 'pauses' it, so it doesn't waste CPU on animations etc.

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