Spiral Quarterly Update Q3 2023

Spiral, an independent, bitcoin-focused entity within the Block ecosystem of companies, had quite an eventful quarter.

Spiral Quarterly Update Q3 2023
  • "Last week we welcomed Greg Sanders, Greg will work on a variety of problems affecting the bitcoin ecosystem, including package relay/v3 transactions and PTLC design specifications. If you would also like to become a Bitcoin Wizard, head over to this post and apply."
  • Lightning Protocol Developer Summit 2023 notes.
  • "Finally, we got a Nostr account."
  • "In late April, we released a video promoting our grant program that featured current and former Spiral grantees. To date, we’ve issued 70+ grants worth $7,000,000+ to 40 grantees and 10 projects across 20+ countries."
  • Announced LDK Node, a ready-to-go Lightning node library. "Check out @_tnull’s blog post and spattering of workshop appearances about LDK Node, like this one from Bitcoin++ in April. Then see @ConorOkus and Elias’ appearance on the Bitcoin Developers Channel where they discussed the whats and whys of it."
  • "There have been two LDK releases since the last newsletter, 0.0.115 in April and 0.0.116 in July. The latest release includes full (beta) support for Lightning anchor channels."
  • "The Bitcoin Development Kit formed a foundation to promote the development of and public access to BDK."
The BDK v1.0 alpha "is nearly ready. It introduces ChainOracle and related refactoring, making it possible for BDK 1.0-based wallets to directly access blockchain data from sources such as Compact Block Filter clients and the Bitcoin Core RPC interface (coming soon)."
  • "In other BDK news, the [upcoming] 0.29.0 BDK language bindings release includes support for Windows on Kotlin/JVM, new Python targets, exposed Wallet.is_mine(), and Script.to_bytes() methods. Bdk-flutter and bdk-rn also recently released new versions."
  • "In much-needed, less-technical news, the team started doing review club meetings on Discord, and @evanlinjin led a two-part series about linked-list data structure improvements to ChainOracle."
  • Bitcoin Design Community (BDC) "has been busy collaborating on several projects. One group is helping Fedimint work on designs for the Lightning gateway’s UI and information architecture. Another is regularly meeting with the Bitcoin Core App."
  • "Earlier this month, the Wallet Scrutiny redesign went live."
  • "Wallet selector was added to the Bitcoin Design Guide. The wallet selector step in UI flow is often needed when users transfer bitcoin between apps and websites."
  • "The Bolt.Fun AI 4 All hackathon started earlier this month and runs until the end of July."

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