Sparrow Wallet v1.9.1: Testnet4 Support

Sparrow Wallet v1.9.1 comes with Testnet4 network support, auto increase gap limit where necessary for signing PSBTs, as well as other minor updates and fixes.

Sparrow Wallet v1.9.1: Testnet4 Support
  • "Testnet is an alternative Bitcoin blockchain used for testing. Due to well documented issues in the current third iteration of testnet (called testnet3), testnet4 has been proposed. This release contains support for testnet4 (including a public Electrum server from @mempool) accessible from Tools > Restart In Testnet4."
    • NOTE: Testnet4 is not yet finalized, and the chain may be reset with a new genesis block at any time.
  • "This release expands the support for extending a wallet's gap limit where the derivation path of inputs is provided in a PSBT. This is useful when using Sparrow as an offline signer, automatically extending the gap limit to match a online watch-only wallet that is composing transactions," explained the project's developer.

What's new

  • Add testnet4 network support
    • Select with -n testnet4
    • Config and wallets are stored separately to testnet3, but can be copied across
    • The testnet folder in Sparrow home will be renamed to testnet3, and linked with a testnet symlink on Linux and macOS
  • Add testnet4 Electrum public server and remote transaction broadcast from
  • Increase the gap limit where necessary to sign a PSBT where the provided input derivations match an open wallet
  • Optionally show output descriptor QR export as BBQR when Coldcard, software or watch-only keystores are present
  • Update Coldcard import and export instructions to match the latest firmware
  • Update default derivation path for 'unknown' Unchained signer
  • Bug fix: Fix single character multisig output descriptor threshold parsing issue
  • Bug fix: Fix premature decompression of BBQR zlib parts
  • Bug fix: Fix signing regression on PBSTs with external inputs
  • Bug fix: Fix wallet loading failure icon color in tab label when using dark theme
  • Bug fix: Export Electrum wallets with only USB capable hardware wallets as hardware keystore types

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