Sparrow Wallet v1.8.3: PGP Verifier, Improved QR Reading, Q1 & Safe 3 Support

Sparrow is a modern desktop Bitcoin wallet application supporting most hardware wallets and built on common standards such as PSBT, with an emphasis on transparency and usability.

Sparrow Wallet v1.8.3: PGP Verifier, Improved QR Reading, Q1 & Safe 3 Support

Sparrow v1.8.3 has been released with PGP download file verifier, Coldcard Q1 and Trezor Safe 3 support and improved QR reading.

  • "For all Bitcoin software, it's particularly important to verify the integrity of your install file. With this release, you can verify Sparrow or any other software release signed with PGP, like Bitcoin Core or the firmware for your hardware wallet."
    • "To verify a Sparrow release, download the signature, manifest and installer to the same folder. You can then drag any of them onto Sparrow to verify the release. The dialog is also available from the Tools menu."
  • "This release also has support for new hardware wallets, including the COLDCARD Q1 and Trezor Safe 3."
  • "QR reading has also been further improved, with Sparrow now using 3 different QR readers on a wide, cropped and inverted frame."
  • "As always there are a number of further minor improvements, including support for restarting in signet with a signet public server provided by Mempool. See the release notes for more details."

What's new

  • Add download file verification dialog supporting PGP signatures and SHA256 manifests (Tools menu)
  • Coldcard Q1 support (with BBQr)
  • Trezor Safe 3 support
  • Satschip NFC card support
  • Upgrade to HWI 2.4.0
  • Improve QR reading by additionally scanning using BoofCV
  • Add 'Restart in Signet' to Tools menu
  • Add signet public server
  • Allow adding additional accounts (up to account 30) if accounts 0-9 have already been added
  • Improve script area display of inputs that spend a taproot script path
  • Add seconds to Date column for Transactions and UTXOs CSV export
  • If validating derivations, disallow paths that match other networks
  • Avoid saving certificates for public servers
  • Update build for Java 21 (@msgilligan)
  • Update guava, gson, junit, nightjar and slf4j dependencies
  • Upgrade junit tests from 4 to 5
  • Increase Whirlpool http client timeout
  • Crop y axis range in block target fee rates chart
  • Add import file to Krux keystore and wallet import
  • Change Cancel button text to Close on QR display and scan dialogs
  • Add border to expanded transaction diagram on Linux to handle some window managers
  • Bug fix: Avoid null labels when broadcasting a loaded transaction with no name
  • Bug fix: Include labels for hidden addresses in address CSV export
  • Bug fix: Add delay to before fetching rates to avoid HTTPClient error (@PrinceOfEgypt)
  • Bug fix: In Cormorant, fix wallet loading with multiple unconfirmed ancestors
  • Bug fix: Open files and URIs after initial wallet loading

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