Sparrow Wallet v1.8.0: Transaction Diagram Captions, Open Wallets Search & More

Sparrow v1.8.0 has been released with transaction diagram captions, larger and denser QR display, search all open wallets, airgapped message signing via QR, Satochip and Krux support, and more.

Sparrow Wallet v1.8.0: Transaction Diagram Captions, Open Wallets Search & More
  • "This release makes signing easier by including a caption on the transaction diagram displaying the full address you are sending to. It also summarizes other transaction types like coinjoins, making it easier to understand them at a glance."
  • "The QR display has been enlarged and the density has been increased, making it quicker and easier to scan large PSBTs. It is now possible to perform message signing with compatible airgapped hardware wallets."
  • "You can now search across all open wallets using the command in the View menu. When searching, transactions with a matching output address will be shown if a full address is provided."
  • "The gap limit of a wallet will now be increased as necessary where xpubs provided in a PSBT match the wallet. This is useful when using Sparrow as an offline, airgapped signer that by definition has no transaction history."
  • "Sparrow Terminal has been improved, supporting freezing and unfreezing of UTXOs by pressing the 'f' key. If a proxy has been configured, its status is now indicated in the title bar."
  • "Other improvements include the ability to open multiple wallet or transaction files at once, fee rate selection on the Private Key Sweep dialog, keyboard shortcuts to switch tabs, and much more. "

What's new

  • Add a figure caption to the overview diagram on a transaction tab to describe the transaction.
  • Enlarge the QR display dialog and increase the default QR code density.
  • Add Search All Wallets functionality to the View menu to search across all open wallets.
  • Add airgapped message signing via QR.
  • Increase the gap limit where necessary to sign a PSBT where its global xpubs match an open wallet.
  • Add fee rate selection slider to the Private Key Sweep dialog.
  • Add a Scan button to QR display dialog to progress immediately to scanning.
  • Support opening multiple wallet or transaction files at once.
  • When searching, show transactions with a matching output address if a full address is provided.
  • Add Satochip card support as an airgapped or connected hardware wallet (@Toporin).
  • Add Krux as an airgapped hardware wallet.
  • Temporarily disconnect from Whirlpool if the wallet gap limit is increasing rapidly during mixing due to network issues.
  • Add Whirlpool Postmix to the list of possible accounts that can be added to any Legacy or Segwit wallet.
  • Add additional testnet public server
  • Freeze and unfreeze UTXOs in Sparrow Terminal by pressing f on the UTXOs table.
  • Check and indicate in the title bar if a proxy is configured and working in Sparrow Terminal.
  • Add keyboard shortcut cmd+alt+arrow on MacOS to switch tabs (ctrl+pageup/pagedown already works on all platforms).
  • Select all text in the message sign signature field on mouse click.
  • Reload Cormorant wallet if unloaded when polling Bitcoin Core.
  • Support hexadecimal Border Wallets grid PDFs.
  • Improve fullscreen behaviour by setting dialog ownership to parent window.
  • Add duplicate payment address warning to transaction diagram.
  • Display an error message when attempting to mix from account 0 and it is not the master wallet.
  • Remove block hash from transaction tab fields, add to context menu for block height and timestamp.
  • Add Bisq segwit custom derivation to mnemonic wallet discovery.
  • Bug fix: Suppress script type change warning when replacing the entire wallet in Settings.
  • Bug fix: Force selection of a new configured server if currently configured server is deleted.
  • Bug fix: Fix mixing from Whirlpool wallets with special characters in the passphrase.
  • Bug fix: Fix possible thread race issue when connecting to an Electrum server.

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