Sparrow Wallet v1.7.8: Taproot Message Signing & More

Sparrow is a free and open source desktop wallet focused on security and privacy. It supports most hardware wallets and is built on common standards such as PSBT, with an emphasis on transparency and usability.

Sparrow Wallet v1.7.8: Taproot Message Signing & More
  • Sparrow v1.7.8 released with Taproot message signing (BIP322), improved QR scan performance, rename wallet support, RBF with initial minimum fee set, and more.

What's new

  • Add BIP322 message signing for singlesig addresses including P2TR
  • Add zbar QR reader for all QR scans (wide, cropped and inverted)
  • Add useZbar config variable to disable zbar scanning (enabled by default)
  • Add Rename Wallet command to File menu
  • Set initial fee for proposed RBF transaction to satisfy minimum relay requirements
  • When constructing RBF and CPFP transactions, add any additional UTXOs by output group only if effective fee is sufficient
  • Make the Send to Many dialog non-modal, where reselecting the menu command brings an existing dialog to the foreground
  • Show a warning in the General Preferences if currencies could not be retrieved from the exchange rate source
  • Optimize memory store used for calculating the fee rate histogram in Cormorant
  • For memory efficiency, only keep older mempool histogram entries at ten minute intervals
  • Add additional UTXOs to CPFP transaction if the output value is below the dust threshold
  • Set the transaction label to a comma separated list of the payment labels when a multiple payment transaction is broadcasted
  • Show a warning dialog on Submit Bug Report to redirect users to the support channel where appropriate
  • Add the Taproot script type to connected wallet import options
  • Add a tooltip to the Save Final Transaction button to suggest connecting to a server in order to broadcast
  • Make alert dialogs resizable
  • Bug fix: Fix overselection of inputs during RBF
  • Bug fix: Preserve payment labels when using RBF on multiple payment transactions
  • Bug fix: Retain UTXO frozen status on wallet refresh
  • Bug fix: Preserve wallet order on application restart after tabs are moved left or right
  • Bug fix: On updating UTXO history in Terminal, set the scrollbar to the top if the table view is scrolled below new UTXO table row count

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