Sparrow v1.7.7: High Fee Environment Improvements & More

Sparrow is a free and open source desktop wallet focused on security and privacy.

Sparrow v1.7.7: High Fee Environment Improvements & More

Sparrow v1.7.7 has been released with:

  • Improved mempool fee rates chart.
  • Multiple improvements for a high fee environment.
  • Performance optimizations for large wallets.
  • Better usability on @BorderWallets grids.

What's new

  • "The mempool fee rates histogram on the Send tab has been revamped in this version, featuring finer granularity and the same color scheme used by @mempool. Clicking on the chart expands it, and offers a 24h view."
  • "There are a number of other improvements related to transacting in a high fee environment, such as better error messages when broadcasting with an insufficient fee, and adding additional inputs to an RBF transaction if needed as the required fee is increased."
  • "This release has several optimizations, including much improved performance on very large wallets with high address reuse, and a lighter load on low powered nodes when connected to Bitcoin Core."
  • "The @BorderWallets grid UX has been improved to display the order of word selection and disallow simultaneous multiple selection. There is better @TAPSIGNER support too with the ability to import custom derivation paths and easier backup."
  • "QR scanning is improved with support for inverted QRs and other formats."
  • "There are many further enhancements too - see the release notes for details."

Release notes

  • Improve the mempool fee rates chart to reflect finer granularity and offer an expanded display on click
  • Add a 24h toggle to expanded mempool fee rates chart
  • Add additional inputs to an RBF transaction if needed as required fee is increased
  • Display the order of word selection on a Border Wallets grid
  • Avoid simultaneous multiple selection on a Border Wallets grid
  • Clarify recovery phrase purpose on Border Wallets PDF
  • Support spendable property on UTXOs in BIP329 wallet label imports and exports
  • Improve the error message when broadcasting an RBF transaction with insufficient fee, and indicate the minimum required fee if available
  • Improve error message on broadcasting a transaction with a fee rate below the purge rate for the connected node mempool
  • Add Ctrl/Cmd+B keyboard shortcut for quickly switching the bitcoin unit from BTC to sats and back
  • When scanning, invert cropped frame and scan for inverted QRs
  • Support scanning text QR containing seed words
  • Update to hummingbird v1.6.7 to support pair (<0;1>) path components and unique part progress indicator
  • Support compact SeedQRs with high error correction
  • Trim leading and trailing whitespace from Pay to address field in the Send tab
  • Look for supported cards across all connected card terminals
  • Support airgapped keystore import of a Tapsigner with a custom derivation path
  • Add a separate button to backup Tapsigner without changing the PIN
  • Ensure canonical ordering of key expressions in multisig descriptor QRs
  • Improve performance on large wallets with high address reuse
  • Optimize fetching mempool entries for fee rate histogram when connected to Bitcoin Core
  • Continue with transaction parsing if pushdata opcode is found with invalid data length
  • Add context menu options to Date column in UTXOs table to freeze UTXO and view transaction
  • Remove path from non-batched Electrum server request ids
  • Highlight CSV download buttons
  • Update kmp-tor to v1.4.3
  • Bug fix: Fix export to Specter Desktop without any wallet history
  • Bug fix: Set all witness UTXOs on PSBT inputs before attempting to sign a sweep private key Taproot transaction
  • Bug fix: Fix reading of compact size int as unsigned short when parsing PSBTs
  • Bug fix: Fix unit format switching on Send tab
  • Bug fix: Fix UI button update when stopping mixing on Terminal

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