Sparrow Wallet v1.7.4: Border Wallets For Memorizable Seeds

Sparrow is a free and open source desktop Bitcoin wallet focused on privacy and security.

Sparrow Wallet v1.7.4: Border Wallets For Memorizable Seeds
  • Generate or load Border Wallets grids to enter memorizable seeds (@microchad)
  • Update Tor to v0.4.7.13 using the kmp-tor library (@05nelsonm)
  • Darker dark theme and other styling improvements
  • Signed Windows installer binary
  • Autosuggest all possible words for the last word when entering a BIP39 seed
  • Add public mainnet Electrum server (@openoms)
  • Use the Whirlpool premix priority slider to change mixFeeTarget (the additional fee amount added to premix UTXOs)
  • Display a warning if the chosen mixFeeTarget fee rate is much lower than that of normal priority
  • Change the wallet gap limit and subscribe to new addresses if an address beyond the gap limit range is requested
  • Support saving a Tapsigner backup as binary file
  • Show PSBT QRs more compactly (without non-witness-utxo entries) for all multisig segwit signing wallets
  • Use different addresses when sending batched payments to the same PayNym
  • Add context menu to amount cells to copy values (@wazint)
  • Read name from ur:crypto-hdkey and set keystore label if present
  • Bug fix: Fix issue configuring a block explorer with a port and path
  • Bug fix: Handle empty (0 block only) chains in Cormorant
  • Bug fix: Fix NPE initializing Whirlpool on new wallet without a passphrase
  • Bug fix: Fix accidentally making keystore fields editable on loading of single account non-watchonly wallets
  • Bug fix: Allow a Stowaway counterparty to spend Postmix UTXOs (but receive to the master wallet)

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