Snort v0.2.0: Worker Relay In The Browser

Snort is a nostr web client built with React aiming for speed and efficiency.

Snort v0.2.0: Worker Relay In The Browser
  • "This release contains a full nostr relay in the browser (the worker relay). It works like any other relay on nostr, and allows us to cache content efficiently. This also means that all reactions, replies, and posts are cached in your browser and are always available, even when you are offline," announced @Kieran.
  • "Most of the caching strategies that have been developed thus far have been scrapped and replaced by the worker relay."
"Additionally, I've added Negentropy support to allow for really efficient synchronization with the worker relay, meaning that very little data is required to stay in sync. This opens the door for a lot of really cool things."
  • "Also full text search indexed by content, search page returns results directly from worker relay via nip50 search

What's new


  • Check notification settings page
  • New settings page layout - @Martti Malmi
  • Community Leaders / Invite system - @Kieran
  • Settings->Tools pages (Check follows relay health etc) - @Kieran
  • New wallet pages design - @Kieran
  • Alby OAuth wallet connection - @Kieran
  • Cashu wallet support (WIP) - @Kieran
  • Followed by friends feed page - @Martti Malmi
  • Fuzzysearch profiles everywhere - @Martti Malmi
  • Worker Relay package `@snort/worker-relay` - @Kieran
    • Replaces all previous caching objects, all caches are handled inside `@snort/system` via worker relay
  • "View as user" button - @Martti Malmi
  • Play live streams directly in feed with embed iframe - @Kieran
  • Negentropy v1 support - @Kieran



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