Snort v0.1.24: 3 Column Layout & Other Improvements

Snort is a nostr web client built with React aiming for speed and efficiency.

Snort v0.1.24: 3 Column Layout & Other Improvements

What's new


  • 3 Column layout
  • Fuzzy cache search
  • Followed by on profile pages
  • Show more on long notes
  • Better error message page
  • Media grid feed
  • Mobile fixed footer
  • Follow button on profile search results
  • Invite codes (WIP Community Program)
  • imeta tag insertion for images
  • Wallet settings page improvements
  • Nostr Wallet Connect upgrade (balance + history)
  • Schnorr sig check in WASM binary
  • Autoplay videos in feed (muted)
  • Followed by friends feed (a feed of your 2nd degree follows posts)
  • imgproxy image integrity check (sha256 from imeta passed to imgproxy)


  • Removed Twitter embed
  • Removed attachment button on DM's
  • Note broadcaster dialog changed to toast notification
  • Removed npub link from profile (use QR button)
  • Render image size from imeta tags
  • Style fixes
  • Zap pool slider tweak
  • New Malay translations
  • Updated Persian translations
  • Updated Finnish translations
  • Updated French translations
  • Updated German translations
  • Updated Hungarian translations
  • Updated Swedish translations
  • Updated Japanese translations


  • Longform note overlfow-x
  • Trim zap content

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