Snort v0.1.10: Gossip Model, NPM Package

Snort is a nostr UI built with React aiming for speed and efficiency.

Snort v0.1.10: Gossip Model, NPM Package
  • "Just deployed a massive change to Snort which I've been working on for about 5 weeks now."
  • "It's called "gossip model", this makes Snort more resistant to censorship by connecting to the relays that your follows use."
  • "This means that Snort will also distribute load across multiple relays instead of always querying your own relay list."
  • "This is better for relays and better for nostr as a whole because it allows small communities to co-exist without the need for shared relay sets or without you needing to add those community specific relays to your relay list!"
  • "I also have created an NPM package which will allow anybody to build Nostr apps with Snort's internal nostr code, including the "gossip" model, check it out here."
  • "Please be aware that there are NO DOCS, keep an eye out and I should be able to create some example code in the coming weeks!"

What's new


- Gossip model, query follows write relays for events.
- @snort/system NPM package containing Snort core nostr code.
- NIP-44 Encryption scheme support.
- NIP-59 Gift Wrap support


- Unmarked thread events replies out of order.

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