SimpleX Chat v5.8: Private Message Routing

SimpleX Chat is a free and open-source messaging platform that has no user identifiers and is private by design. Available on Android, iOS, Linux, Windows and macOS.

SimpleX Chat v5.8: Private Message Routing
  • "Private message routing is a major milestone for SimpleX network evolution. It is a new message routing protocol that protects both users' IP addresses and transport sessions from the messaging relays chosen by their contacts," announced the project.
"Private message routing is, effectively, a 2-hop onion routing protocol inspired by Tor design, but with one important difference - the first (forwarding) relay is always chosen by message sender and the second (destination) - by the message recipient.  In this way, neither side of the conversation can observe IP address or transport session of another."
  • This version also adds protection of user IP address when receiving files from unknown file servers without Tor. "Images and voice messages won't automatically download from unknown servers too until you tap them, and confirm that you trust the file server where they were uploaded," was stated in the blog post.
  • Latest server release also adds server information page where certain server information can be made available to the users. It looks like this.

What's new

  • private message routing to protect IP addresses (opt-in in this version).
  • protect IP address when receiving files.
  • server transparency.
  • chat themes with wallpapers - set themes for all chats app-wide, per chat profile and per conversation - Android and desktop apps.
  • some groups permissions can now be granted to admins only.
  • improved message and file delivery with reduced battery usage.
  • Persian interface language - Android and desktop apps.

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