SeedHammer v1.2.0: Seed-First UI, Engrave Wallet Titles & More

This is the source code to run the controller program for the SeedHammer engraving machine. It runs on the same hardware as the SeedSigner: Raspberry Pi Zero or Zero W, a WaveShare 1.3 inch 240x240 LCD hat and a Pi Zero compatible camera with a OV5647 sensor.

SeedHammer v1.2.0: Seed-First UI, Engrave Wallet Titles & More
  • "We have now officially released v1.2.0 of the SeedHammer software! This one has many good updates - and a rather big change in work flow in order to support highly anticipated feature requests."
  • "We hope you enjoy this update - do not hesitate to contact on mail or preferably in our telegram channel."

What's new

  • Invert User Interface to Seed-First. "Releases up until now have always required the descriptor first, seed second (when backing up multisig wallets). This release inverts the interface flow to ask for the seed first."
  • Engrave Wallet Titles. "When scanning descriptors from compatible wallet software, the wallet title will be shown on the descriptor information screen and engraved on the plate (max. 18 characters, limited character set). "
  • Support for Seed-Only Backups. "Because of the inverted user interface flow, we can now offer a "Skip" option when prompted for the descriptor. This makes it possible to backup a seed without a public side."
  • Support Smaller Needle Distances. "Some users experience issues where the needle appears "stuck" when engraving. We've attempted to fix it by exercising the needle before engraving, but some machines still exhibit the problem. This release carefully avoids the fastening nuts when starting and ending engravings, allowing needle distances smaller than the height of the nuts."

Other changes

  • Make error and warning messages full screen.
  • Support BlueWallet vaults that include Zpub keys.
  • Show error when an invalid seed is scanned.
  • Add support for Foundation descriptors.
  • Don't crash when scanning valid but unsupported descriptors.
  • The middle button no longer reacts when a warning or error dialog is shown.
  • The master fingerprint is now always derived from the seed. Before, importing an xpub as descriptor would result in the zero (00000000) fingerprint.

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