SATSx Hackathon 2023: Quick Summary of Projects

The SATSx Hackathon successfully united 11 innovative projects, with two of them notably showcasing Bitcoin payments via wireless mesh networking.

SATSx Hackathon 2023: Quick Summary of Projects

SATSx Hackathon 2023 organized by PlebLab took place on March 18-19 in Austin, Texas.

The innovative projects presented during the hackathon included:

  • Badge Mint: a project that aims to create an automated pipeline for Nostr badge awarding, allowing users to easily create and issue badges to people as a summary of their personality or achievements online. (GitHub)
  • Devstr: merges existing GitHub profiles into the Nost Network and allows users to stream events from GitHub into the Nostr Network.  (GitHub)
  • Auntie LN: establishes an alternative secure transport layer for Lightning, combining Lightning and Nostr to support messages backed by signatures. (GitHub)
  • Super Mario Sats: s a modified NES ROM of Super Mario that rewards players with satoshis (SATs) for collecting in-game coins. (GitHub)
  • Freeschool: an online aggregator platform, a social media network geared explicitly toward education that makes it easier to find best materials online. (GitHub)
  • Satoshi Jump: enabling Bitcoin and Lightning Network transactions over radio waves without requiring internet access. (GitHub)
  • Meshtastic: transmit bitcoin objects (addresses, raw_trx, psbt, etc) over a mesh network. (GitHub)
  • Zapalytics: analyzing the usage of zaps in the Lightning Network. (GitHub)
  • BTCPay Server - Galoy Plugin: enables users to manage their on-chain Bitcoin while outsourcing the management of their Lightning nodes to Galoy or another Lightning service provider. (GitHub)
  • Frenstr: a tool to help users make friends on Nostr. It uses Chat GPT to generate user descriptions based on their public data, making it easier for users to discover interesting people to follow. (GitHub)

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