RoninUI v2.5.0: New Troubleshooting Page, Enhanced Whirlpool UI

Ronin UI is a user interface for privacy-focused, free and open-source RoninDojo Bitcoin node. The update includes New Troubleshooting Page, Enhanced Whirlpool UI, and other new features and fixes.

RoninUI v2.5.0: New Troubleshooting Page, Enhanced Whirlpool UI
  • "Ronin UI v2.5.0 update: Lot's of great improvements and fixes," announced RoninDojo.
"As always, we want to thank our users who help us push our product further. Now mix and chill."

What's new

  • New Troubleshooting page. "Our new Troubleshooting page now contains an option to delete the corrupted Fulcrum database and let it sync again, with just a few clicks."
    • "We have also added an option to clear Docker build cache which can over time build up significantly and take up a lot of disk space, which will become a scarce resource for 1TB users soon. If your disk usage is above 95%, you will also see a notification on your Dashboard."
    • "For users that like to access their Ronin UI over Tor network (when on mobile for example), we have added an option to restart their system Tor in cases where Ronin UI hidden service is not accessible."
  • Enhanced Whirlpool UI. "All tables displaying UTXOs are now paginated so that users with huge UTXO sets don't have to scroll to infinity when managing their mixes. For Postmix view, we have also added an option to hide/display non-mixable UTXOs."
    • "The biggest change is the addition of Mix History view, which displays all recent failed and successful mixes. This change is only available for users running Whirlpool CLI 1.0.1 or higher, so users running older version will still see Last Activity view."

Release notes


  • Added warning about disk being over 95% full
  • Made API calls from Dashboard conditional, added notification about Initial Block Download (IBD)
  • Encrypted every password sent to API
  • Added new Whirlpool features
  • Added option to check another transaction in Transaction tool
  • Added Troubleshooting page
  • Added option to reset Whirlpool CLI configuration from login page


  • Disabled addrindexrs button when already installed
  • Display active memory instead of used+allocated


  • Use fake password for dev environment
  • Updated dependencies
  • Refactored Modal component
  • Refactored const module imports and path definitions
  • Improved Snackbar messages
  • Removed deprecated detection of electrs

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