RoninDojo Launches Privacy Phone: RoninMobile

RoninMobile privacy phone comes in two models - degoogled Pixel 6a and Pixel 6 with either GrapheneOS or CalyxOS.

RoninDojo Launches Privacy Phone: RoninMobile

Opting-out from your mobile activity being surveilled by third parties
is possible and more convenient than ever.

  • Free and Open-Source: Be confident that you will have access to software which is publicly auditable.
  • Regular Security Updates: You will be notified on screen of important operating system updates.
  • Firewall and VPN Included: Easily disable apps from having access to mobile data or wifi, and hide your network activity from your internet service provider.
  • Secure Hardware: The Titan M2 chip validates the version of Android and prevents attackers from brtueforcing via the passcode or tampering with the bootloader.
  • Privacy Respecting: Google Play Services are optional, which means no constant reporting of your data and location back to Google's servers if you choose to do so.
  • No Tracking or Analytics: Private and censorship resistant browsing plus pre-installed encrypted chat apps with no OEM bloatware.

Operating Systems

RoninMobile comes with your choice of the leading degoogled operating systems.

  • GrapheneOS

A cutting-edge and security obsessed operating system with amazing reliability. Learn more

  • CalyxOS

The popular alternative operating system with Google compatibility through MicroG. Learn more

Ronin Mobile comes in two models. A cheaper entry model Pixel 6A ($400), or a more powerful model Pixel 6 ($700) for those that demand high performance.

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