RoninDojo v2.1.2: Removed Bisq Support, Knots Peers Ban

RoninDojo is an Installation Assistant and Administration Tool for Samourai Wallet's Dojo, Whirlpool, Indexer, and more.

RoninDojo v2.1.2: Removed Bisq Support, Knots Peers Ban
  • Fixing NodeJS breaking systems. "The most important change in this update is a fix for users that are booting up a RoninDojo system for the first time. In a previous blogpost we've explained how this is a procedure that automatically installs RoninDojo software onto the system and starts it."
  • Connecting users to peers that accept privacy transactions. "Another change was pushed in SamouraiWallet's Dojo, that is now also part of RoninDojo. It no longer supports connecting with the Knots client fork of Bitcoin Core."
    • "Additionally, periodically (every 10 minutes) there will be a check on the peers that the bitcoin node is connected to and this procedure will ban any peers advertising themselves as a Knots client."
  • Removing support for Bisq. "Lastly, we have removed support for Bisq. There's technical problems with Bisq's implementation for connecting to a bitcoind client, which leaves users frustrated in how unstable this connection is."
    • "While we are not the only system users have reported having these exact Bisq connection problems with, Bisq incorrectly retains the position that it is our implementation that is faulty and without any investigation sends its users to our chatroom to seek support there."

What's new

  • Removed Bisq support
  • Updated RoninDojo's Dojo fork to v2.1.2 (based off upstream Dojo v1.22.0)
  • Fixes the Explorer container not building since alpine 3.19 released
  • Bitcoind now bans Knots clients as peers

Credits: DojoCoder, dammkewl, BTCxZelko, BrotherRabbit, KYC3, Wave, Din, Numbers

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