RoninDojo v2.0.0: Switched OS from Manjaro to Debian

RoninDojo is now built around debian package manager and RoninOS is build with Armbian.

RoninDojo v2.0.0: Switched OS from Manjaro to Debian
  • "Moving forward RoninDojo will be focused on the PlugNPlay experience vs the DIY command line setup. We encourage DIY users to build the image themselves and achieve those same goals if they prefer."
  • NOTE: "Rpi4 users will have to wait unfortunately, as we are having some difficulty successfully building a working Rpi4 image. We are actively working on this to help support the community."

What's new

  • Updated the pgp key file:
    - Added the RoninDojo support PGP public key.
    - Updated BTCxZelko's pgp public key entry.
  • Switched expected OS from Manjaro to Debian.
  • Added update script that warns v1.x users to migrate to v2 via flashing.
  • Added use of tune2fs on the backup drive when installing it, to maximize usage of the backup drive's storage space.
  • Updated Ronin's Dojo fork to v2.0.0:
    - Based off upstream Dojo v1.18.1.
    - Features bitcoind now reporting the RoninDojo version tag of dojo, as opposed to the upstream version it's based off.
  • Credits: BTCxZelko, OrangedMike, dammkewl, s2l1, BrotherRabbit, Witty Bull, Numbers, KYC3, PavelTheCoder.

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