RoboSats v0.6.1-alpha: Android App Returns Stronger Than Ever

RoboSats is a simple and private way to exchange bitcoin for national currencies. Robosats simplifies the peer-to-peer user experience and uses lightning hold invoices to minimize custody and trust requirements. The deterministically generated avatars help users stick to best privacy practices.

RoboSats v0.6.1-alpha: Android App Returns Stronger Than Ever
Source: Maximalfocus
  • "RoboSats v0.6.1 is now out," announced the project.
  • The update includes a new and revamped Android app, as well as numerous small client and coordinator fixes.
"Special thanks to @KoalaSat who has driven all the work to improve the torification of the Android app, the embedding of the robot avatar generator libraries and got the app cleaned up and ready for publishing on F-Droid."
  • "If you have a RoboSats app already installed on your Android device, YOU MUST UNINSTALL BEFORE INSTALLING THE NEW VERSION."

What's new

  • Android app comes back stronger than ever! "After we skipped several Android app releases in order to focus on the decentralization, now the Android app comes back with all the strength. The Android app is now THE BEST WAY to use RoboSats."
    • "It's a full RoboSats self-hosted client, it connects to all RoboSats coordinators and can generate robot identities fully locally."
    • "All of the networking is torified by default and now torification is more stable than it ever was. With this release, we aim to publish on F-Droid."
  • Small client and coordinator bug fixes. "This release contains many small client and coordinator bug fixes. Most importantly, this release has a large bump on critical coordinator dependencies (Django v5). Introduces some new coordinator panel utilities and adds a new Coordinator setting to Geo block F2F orders in some countries."

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