RoboSats v0.5.3-alpha: Face-to-Face Cash Trades

RoboSats is an Open Source peer-to-peer exchange for buying and selling sats using the Lightning Network. It requires zero sign up information, is accessible via the Tor browser or an Android app and lets you get sats directly to your own wallet.

RoboSats v0.5.3-alpha: Face-to-Face Cash Trades
  • "RoboSats v0.5.3 is now out! RoboSats client apps before v0.5.1 are no longer be compatible."
  • "The app now allows robots to add a location for face-to-face cash trades. The book page will display a map with all F2F orders. "

What's new

  • Face to face. "We have introduced a new feature, F2F (Face-to-Face), allowing users to add a location for face-to-face cash trades. The book page now displays a map with all F2F orders."

    - "For privacy reasons, the exact location of your order is slightly randomized (uniform random 15 x 15 Km noise) when you click on the map to locate it. This means it's not possible to be precise, and the exact location can only be shared on the encrypted chat."

    - "Please note that using high-resolution maps can leak your IP to external tiling servers if you are not using Tor Browser."

    - "Adding a geolocation tag to your order is only a good idea if you want to use face-to-face cash as a payment method. You can completely disregard this feature if you do not want to use this payment method."

    - "Thank you @KoalaSat who single-handedly implemented the F2F upgrade. Make sure to zap some sats his way!"
  • RoboSats-deploy Coordinator Orchestration. "We have released the RoboSats-deploy coordinator orchestration in"

Other updates

  • Dependency updates.
  • Small bug fixes.
  • Improved DB Writes performance related to last_login user field.
  • Fix small bug on order logging that made automatic dispute resolutions fail.
  • Devfund Donation Pubkey has been updated to RoboSats experimental LND2 node.

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