RoboSats v0.5.2-alpha: Updates and Improvements

RoboSats is an Open Source peer-to-peer exchange for buying and selling sats using the Lightning Network. It requires zero sign up information, is accessible via the Tor browser or an Android app and lets you get sats directly to your own wallet.

RoboSats v0.5.2-alpha: Updates and Improvements
  • "RoboSats v0.5.2 is now out! 🚀 RoboSats client apps before v0.5.1 might no longer be compatible!"

What's new

  • New language: Swahili. Thank you @turizspace!
  • Improved French and Italian translations. Thank you @LeoSpyke and @jinformatique !
  • Update CLN (core-lightning) plugin (@Daywalker91) and CLN base version to v23.08
  • Add verbose order logs to coordinator panel: a detailed timestamped record of every change to an order from creation to finalization.
  • Improved invoice descriptions.
  • New coordinator maintenance messages.
  • Small UI fixes.
  • Fix pinch to zoom Android.
  • Add bd taka as currency @dapsavoie /
  • Update communities links in client app.
  • Patch Android bogus "connected" chat status when connection is offline.
  • Date to date ranges added to /api/ticks.
  • New admin actions for dispute resolutions.
  • Force PGP signed invoices and onchain addresses (multi-coordinator security).
  • New RoboSats Federation basis v0.6.0~1
  • Fix allow auth header to carry pgp keys: easier authentication for federation from browser.

New Contributors

Full Changelog: android-a5d33c6...v0.5.2-alpha

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