RoboSats v0.5.1-alpha: CLN, Reworked Lnproxy, Exact Amounts & More

RoboSats is an Open Source peer-to-peer exchange for buying and selling sats using the Lightning Network. It requires zero sign up information, is accessible via the Tor browser or an Android app and allows you to obtain sats directly to your own wallet.

RoboSats v0.5.1-alpha: CLN, Reworked Lnproxy, Exact Amounts & More
  • "RoboSats v0.5.1 is now out!"

What's new

  • "CLN (core-lightning) can now be used as robosats coordinator node vendor. It is however, experimental, and not recommended in mainnet. Thank you for this great contribution @Daywalker91!
  • "Full rework of the Lnproxy feature by @shyfire131 . Thank you!"
  • "Chat now allows multiple line inputs by @shyfire131."
  • "RoboSats client should now work inside of Blixt's webln browser. Thank you @SynthLock for the tips and debugging!"
  • "API requests to POST /order that contain important information, i.e, the payout invoice or address, are now signed by the robot PGP key and validated by the coordinator. This way, on a multi coordinator set up, a robot can potentially be re-used across several coordinators without risk of identity stealing (auth token) by a rogue coordinator (alla man-in-the-middle)."
  • "New Keysend functionality. RoboSats coordinators can now, voluntarily, keysend devfund donations automatically for each trade they host."
  • "Simplify coordinator updates. Now migrations are tracked and apply on first start-up. Static files are collected on start up as well."
  • "New maker form switch for exact and range amounts thanks to @JooVLC."
  • "Fix negative premium field by @JooVLC."
  • "Self-hosted node app has been fully re-worked. It is now based on Alpine (size went down from 130MB to 7MB) and the ram-heavy dependencies have been dropped. The app is now lighter, and fully self-contained, as no part of the frontend depends on the existing coordinator anymore."
  • "Overall update of Android app, slightly better performance and smaller size."
  • "Sounds do work on the Android app now."
  • "New reviews section to by @athena-alpha."
  • "New tutorial by @BitcoinQnA."
  • "Add new payment methods: Sinpe movil and Qiwi."

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