RoboSats v0.4.3-alpha: Small Fixes & New Features

RoboSats is a simple and private way to exchange bitcoin for national currencies.

RoboSats v0.4.3-alpha: Small Fixes & New Features

This release has many small fixes and new features:

  • Support for Iranian Toman (IRT) by @HT696.
  • Order book performance improved by ~50%.
  • Android app now launches your Telegram client or LN wallet when tapping on the QR codes.
  • Fix "no robot" error on Android app.
  • Add multi-architecture builds for Android (size of APK down from ~120MB to ~30MB).
  • Improved order book column management (DataGrid updated to MUI-X v6).
  • Up-to-date Spanish translation by @Gravity2106.
  • Up-to-Data Catalan translation by @BlueLynx21.
  • Fix Tinkoff payment method collision by @dirtyroom969.
  • Coordinator allows all origins (prerequisite for further Federation-enabled clients testings).
  • Improved handling of stray locked HTLCs.
  • Improved handling of payout invoices that are "holded" or get stuck.
  • Improved resource efficienty of celery tasks.
  • Fixed celery tasks to check on outgoing stuck payments consuming all celery worker threads.
  • Improved visuals on Telegram notifications ( ...have EmOjIs...).
  • New telegram notifications for first in-app chat message from peer and any subsequent message that has a gap of >5min.


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