Global Nostr Relay Network is a global Nostr relay network. Global Nostr Relay Network
  • "Most relays are a single point of failure servers. fixes this."
  • "wss:// uses latency based DNS routing to send clients to the geographic location with least latency. All relays stream to one another to stay in-sync."

How it works

  • "Anyone who adds our relay will have read access."
  • "If we follow you on our nostr account you have write access to relay."
  • "Following our nostr account is considered the wait list and you will get updates from us."
  • "Once you are followed by us you will recieve a DM notifying you of ability to write to relay (be sure to add our relay to ensure get DM notifications)."
  • Relays:

Requirements for being granted write access

  • "You must have public notes, if your account posts are empty we will review once you have some."
  • "An "about" section of some sort (aka not blank)."
  • "NIP-05 that is working and validated."
  • "By using any Relayable service you agree to our Terms of Service."

"Follow us: npub16fcy8ynknssdv7s487nh4p2h4vr3aun64lpfea45d7h4sts9jheqevshgh"

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