Pushtx: Privacy-focused Bitcoin Transaction Broadcaster

Pushtx is "a Rust program that broadcasts Bitcoin transactions directly into the P2P network by connecting to a set of random Bitcoin nodes. This differs from other broadcast tools in that it does not not interact with any centralized services, such as block explorers."

Pushtx: Privacy-focused Bitcoin Transaction Broadcaster
Source: analogicus.
  • "I have released a unique privacy tool and code library that broadcasts Bitcoin transactions **directly** into the P2P network," announced Alfred Hodler.
"The program is entirely self-contained and does not require Bitcoin Core or other dependencies. If Tor is running on the same system, connectivity to the P2P network is established through a newly created circuit. Having Tor Browser running in the background is sufficient. Tor daemon also works."

Key features

  • No external dependencies whatsoever.
  • No centralized backends.
  • Uses Tor if found running on the same system. Having the Tor Browser open in the background is enough.

Broadcast process

  1. Resolve peers through DNS seeds.
  2. Detect if Tor is present.
  3. Connect to 10 random peers, through Tor if possible.
  4. Broadcast the transaction.
  5. Disconnect.

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