Portal: Mobile-native Hardware Wallet by TwentyTwo Devices

Portal is a mobile-native hardware wallet designed to keep your keys safe and seamlessly integrate into any mobile wallet app. It uses NFC technology to safely and effectively connect with any modern smartphone and doesn't need cables or batteries - it's completely powered by the NFC.

Portal: Mobile-native Hardware Wallet by TwentyTwo Devices
  • "You may have seen our announcement at @BitcoinAtlantis: our mission is to build hardware devices for bitcoiners, starting with a completely new mobile-native hardware wallet called "Portal," announced Alekos Filini.
"Why yet another hardware wallet? Because we think none of the existing ones are both safe and easy to use with smartphones. So we've made our own. Portal is built around NFC, not only to talk to a phone, but also to power itself! No cables, no batteries, just wireless magic."
  • "We also spent a lot of effort simplifying the UX: there are no menus to navigate, as a user you are just shown each tx output and you can sign it by holding the button for a couple of seconds."
"Everything is open-source: the firmware is completely written in Rust and based on @bitcoindevkit. This allows us to support singlesig, multisig and complex descriptors very easily (although some functionalities are not yet exposed to the end user)."
  • "The hardware has been designed from scratch in Kicad, and it's also available on GitHub."
  • "We are also releasing an SDK to help existing wallets integrate our device. We prefer to remain focused on the hardware, and let other teams develop awesome software on the smartphone side. We have a few big names already starting the development."
  • "If you want to be the first to get your hands on a Portal you can pre-order it today at https://store.twenty-two.xyz. We aim to start shipping the first batch of devices in the summer, Q3 at most."
  • "If you have any questions or you'd like to contribute to our repos join our community on Telegram!"

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