Polar v2.2.0: Software Updates & Fixes

Polar is a tool for creating one-click Lighting networks used in local app development and testing. Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Polar v2.2.0: Software Updates & Fixes
  • "This minor release adds support for the latest LND, Eclair, and tapd nodes. It includes some small fixes that are necessary to support these versions, due to RPC/API changes."
  • "There are also some additional fixed listed below."

What's new


  • images: Add support for LND v0.17.4-beta and Eclair v0.10.0 by @jamaljsr in #846
  • app: add xdg support by @uwla in #826
  • dev: add devcontainers support by @uwla in #824
  • images: add support for LND & Bitcoin Core latest releases by @jamaljsr in #813
  • images: add support for tapd v0.3.3-alpha by @jamaljsr in #806

Bug Fixes


  • readme: fix download broken links + update download links to v2.1.0 by @ramigs in #795

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