PlebLab Introduced New NostrDevs Course

PlebLab launched a comprehensive guide to mastering Nostr protocol in just under 8 hours.

PlebLab Introduced New NostrDevs Course
  • "In just under 8 hours, we'll guide you from being a novice to becoming a proficient Nostr developer, enabling you to create resilient, censorship-resistant decentralized networks."
  • Who is this course for?

    • Anyone wants to start learning how to code on Nostr;
    • Anyone who is trying to learn to code;
    • Those looking to develop on freedom tech;
    • Digital privacy enthusiasts looking to expand their knowledge;
    • Anyone wants to build a Nostr Reddit.
  • The course costs $39.99 when purchased with BTC and $59.99 for purchases with fiat.
  • PlebLab launched its first PlebDev course on Udemy back in December last year. It is aimed at aspiring developers and teaches them how to build their first Lightning app.

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