Phoenixd: Phoenix for Server

phoenixd is a minimal, specialized Lightning node designed for developers and businesses that makes it easy to send and receive Lightning payments without compromising on self-custody. It's just like Phoenix for mobile, except it runs on a server.

Phoenixd: Phoenix for Server
  • "Announcing Phoenix for server. All the goodness of @PhoenixWallet, available to developers," announced Phoenix Wallet.
"phoenixd makes it very easy to develop any application that needs to interact with Lightning, by abstracting away all the complexity, without compromising on self-custody."
  • phoenixd uses the same software as the Phoenix Wallet, but:
    • runs on a server instead of a mobile device;
    • offers an http API instead of a GUI;
    • has fully automated liquidity management to facilitate receive-heavy use cases like merchants, crowdfunding, etc.
  • "If you are a developer, you can build anything on top of it and integrate effortlessly into lightning. You can get ready in seconds, with absolutely zero configuration, no channel management, no peer management, no liquidity management, no firewall configuration," said the developers.

Key features

  • FULLY automated liquidity. "Get "infinite inbound" from the largest and most liquid node in the network. No headaches for merchants or other receive-heavy use cases."
    • Effective receive fee is as low as ~1% + mining fees.
  • Absolutely NO configuration. "No channel management, no peer management, no liquidity management, no firewall configuration."
  • Lightweight & native. "Phoenixd is compiled to native binaries for linux, mac (x86 & arm) and windows (wsl). Phoenix was already fast on mobile, but on server it flies!"

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