Phoenix Wallet Android v2.2.3, iOS v2.2.5 Released

Phoenix is a Bitcoin mobile wallet using Lightning to send and receive payments. Available on Android and iOS.

Phoenix Wallet Android v2.2.3, iOS v2.2.5 Released
  • The latest versions of the Phoenix wallet include user interface improvements, such as new messages regarding liquidity and enhanced payment error notifications.
  • Android version 2.2.3 also adds a screen to spend expired swap-ins and introduces ±5% buttons for Lightning tips.
  • iOS version 2.2.5 adds a Phoenix-specific PIN code for accessing the app.

What's new (Android)

  • Added +-5% buttons to easily add a tip when paying over Lightning. The user can also enable/disable overpayments in the app settings.
  • Improved payment error messages. "See ACINQ/lightning-kmp#634 & ACINQ/lightning-kmp#616."
  • Added new messages regarding liquidity:
    • New disclaimers and confirmation messages have been added to detail how liquidity works (e.g., when sending a payment on-chain).
    • Also, the sanity check warning displayed when the total fee is more than 25% of the liquidity requested is more prominent.
  • Added a screen to spend expired swap-ins. "On-chain deposits that have not been swapped in time (~4 months) can now be recovered from within Phoenix, instead of having to perform a manual recovery."
  • Several improvements and fixes:
    • A fee warning visible in the Receive screen is now also shown when performing a withdrawal over LNURL.
    • Thanks @MasterixCZ for updating the Czech translation.

What's new (iOS)

  • Access to the app can now be secured with a PIN code specific to Phoenix.
  • Added German localization.
  • Added several message clarifying how liquidity can be affected, e.g. when paying on-chain.
  • Several fixes and improvements.

GitHub Repo (Android)
GitHub Repo (iOS)