Phoenix Android v2.2.1: Bug Fix Release

Phoenix is a self-custodial Bitcoin mobile wallet using Lightning to send and receive payments. Available on Android and iOS.

Phoenix Android v2.2.1: Bug Fix Release
  • "Phoenix 2.2.1 is out for Android. This is mostly a bug fix release, with also some UI improvements and new localizations."
  • "We have also fixed a backend issue that affected auto wakeup / payment reception on iOS since yesterday."

What's new

  • Slovak and Vietnamese localization. "Thanks @jooray and Vân for their contribution."
  • Settle in-flight payments in the background. "When needed, Phoenix will run a background job to try to settle in-flight payments (incoming or outgoing). The objective is to avoid payment timeouts when the wake-up push notification from the ACINQ node fails. This is especially useful for devices that don't support FCM notifications."

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