Phoenix Android v2.0.6, iOS v2.0 Beta is Now on Testflight

Phoenix is a self-custodial Bitcoin wallet developed by ACINQ, that allows you to send and receive bitcoins securely over the Lightning Network with a simple and clean UX.

Phoenix Android v2.0.6, iOS v2.0 Beta is Now on Testflight
  • "iOS beta has now started, we are sending Testflight invites."
  • To apply for the beta mail to:
  • "For users upgrading from the legacy Phoenix Android app (1.x) to 2.x, a migration is needed. See the 2.0.0 release notes for details about the migration process."

Changes since v2.0.2 (Android)

  • Fixed several issues related to LNURL:
    - withdrawals will now offer the user to withdraw the maximum amount available, instead of the minimum;
    - LUD-17 urls (starting with lnurlp, lnurlw, keyauth) are now properly parsed.
  • Czech translation has been improved: Thanks @MasterixCZ and @margre8 for working on this.
  • Added localisation for 🇩🇪 German, 🇪🇸 Spanish, 🇵🇹 Portuguese and 🇨🇿 Czech - thanks @myxmaster for the help with German translation!
  • Handle callback action for successful LNURL payments.
  • Add warning regarding legacy swap addresses: For users who migrate from v1.4.x, warnings have been added about reusing legacy swap-in addresses. These addresses should not be used anymore after migration. The new wallet will only support the new address displayed in the receive screen.
    - If an old legacy address has benn used after the migration is done, contact support:
  • Swaps are now attempted at each block. "Previous versions required the app to be restarted in order to attempt pending swap-ins. This is not the case anymore, the app will attempt swaps at each new block. System notifications for failed swaps have been reduced to prevent spam."
  • Added link to scanner in receive screen. "Receiving funds over LNURL required users to click on Send in order to open the scanner, which is counterintuitive. This has been fixed by adding back the "Use LNURL link" button in the Receive screen, like in the legacy app."
  • Reconnecting to the Peer and the Electrum servers should be snappier.
  • Fixed an issue where connection to the Peer would not be made (#400).

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